Side Dish Recipes

Dive into our extensive collection of mouthwatering recipes that showcase the versatility of Mazola Oil. From appetizers to desserts, our recipes are crafted to bring out the best flavors and nourish your body. Get inspired and elevate your culinary skills.

Shrimp Dumplings

Using Mazola Oil in your cooking is just the right way to a healthier start. And we love giving you healthy recipes using Mazola Oil and today let’s try making Super Delicious, Super Healthy, Shrimp Dumplings. Adding Mazola Oil into it just brings it to another level of deliciousness.

Crispy Fried Chicken

Fried chickens are absolutely delicious but they’re not as easy as you think. It needs the right formula to get perfectly cooked, crispy and crunchy fried chicken. With Mazola’s Fried Chicken Powder, you get the heavenly tasted fried chickens in no time.

Chicken Satay

The Singaporean favourite dish Satay served with authentic peanut sauce is something we can serve for an extravagant event or just a small gathering with friends and family.

Fried Chicken

Like yeah seriously what can go wrong with Fried Chicken? Nothing, absolutely nothing! Here’s the recipe

Bak Chang Ayam

Resipi ini datang tepat pada masanya sebelum Festival Bot Naga untuk anda membuat Bak Chang tradisionall! Kini anda boleh menarik perhatian keluarga dan rakan dengan Bak Chang yang sedap ini!

Oyster Omelette

Telur dadar tiram(Oyster Omelette) adalah masakan yang menjadi terkenal di Penang melalui pengaruh Teochew. Mazola akan kongsikan resepi hidangan lazat Penang ini dengan versi yang lebih sihat.

Roti Jala

Roti is staple food. But why always the same old conventional roti? Let’s make Roti Jala for a change! Yummy! Your tummy and whole family will be delighted by this simple, practical and delicious recipe!

Muffin Pisang

Mazola Cooking Oil is not only good for adults, it is also good for kids They become healthy and have an appetite to eat when we prepare delicious and nutritious food Here is a recipe for a tasty banana muffin that your little ones will enjoy.